No Fast Fashion at the Old Byre

There’s a lot in the media about fast fashion at the moment and the importance of mindful and sustainable shopping. To help our customers shop with confidence we’ve decided to do a series of blogs on sustainable fashion and the brands and products we stock. In our first blog post of the series we want to talk about fast fashion and why its unsustainable.

What is ‘Fast Fashion’?

Fast fashion is defined as ‘inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends’. In July The Guardian reported that 2.7 billion pounds would be spent this summer on upwards of 50 million outfits that will only be worn once. This includes ‘throw away’ holiday clothing, outfits for weddings, and cut price bikinis. This is encouraged by low pricing, which leads people to see the items as disposable. It may even seem frugal to buy clothing cheaply but in truth there is a human and environmental cost.

The Environmental Cost

There is an environmental cost to producing every item of clothing and textile dying is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture.


Cotton production is water intensive and requires a high level of pesticides to prevent crops from failing. The water level required to grow the crops can be a significant problem in developing countries, especially those prone to drought. Most cotton grown is genetically modified to be resistant to the bollworm pest. This was intended to cut the number of pesticides required, however it lead to ‘superweeds’. Superweeds are resistant to common pesticides and require stronger and more harmful chemicals to control.


Polyester is commonly used in fast fashion to keep costs down for production. However, when the finished garment is washed at home, microfibers are lost and washed away into the ocean. These microscopic fibres are to small to be caught by filtration systems, and do not biodegrade over time. This means they are building up in the ocean and causing issues for marine life. There is also an impact on human consumption, small sea creatures are ingesting the microfibers. These then move up the food chain till they are found in the seafood we consume. It are also microfibers being found in drinking water, both from a tap and bottled.

Discarding Quickly

Piles of clothing at a flea market or garage sale

Add to this the fact that 350,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill every year and the problem is clear. It is estimated that fast fashion is on average only worn 5 times before being discarded. This means that the environmental cost of producing the fabric, including the water used to create the fabric and dye it, then transport it to the UK, is not offset by the amount of time it is worn. The environmental cost is then ‘paid’ again for another item of clothing. Experts say we should wear every item we buy a minimum of 30 times but the longer we wear an item the better.

The Human Cost

The human cost of fast fashion has many different aspects. There is a huge issues with modern slavery and human trafficking, human rights violations in the work place and health and safety regulations.

Its estimated that 60-75 million people are employed in textiles, clothing and footwear globally. In many countries most workers don’t make even half as much as the living wage in their respective country. In fact globally 40.3 million people are held in Modern Slavery conditions, including some within the textile and clothing industry. According to an Oxfam report global supply chains are designed in a way that keeps workers trapped in poverty. Businesses should have a statement about modern slavery and the ways they are working to prevent it in their supply chain, including commitments to pay a fair wage.

Ensuring health and safety in the workplace is also often neglected in favour of cheap prices. In 2013 this came to the mainstream media when the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing 1334 workers. Some brands took notice and updated their policies to ensure safety for workers throughout their supply chain. Others have yet to act. So when looking at brands, be sure to see if they have a statement about how they are working to make their supply chain safer for everyone.

How You Can Help

By choosing clothes well, looking after them properly, and rehoming or recycling them when you can no longer use them you can reduce the impact your clothes are having. We also recommended the following top ten tips for buying in a sustainable way.

1 Define your style.

Know what you love wearing and find clothes you love. Too many clothes are sent to landfill unworn, or only worn once, because someone bought an item and then decided it wasn’t for them. If you know your style and buy clothes you really love your more likely to wear them for longer.

2 Follow long term trends.

If you buy something because its ‘the in thing’ but you aren’t quite sure about it, you probably won’t wear it, or will get rid of it fairly quickly. Following celebrity trend is a big part of this problem, with more people choosing clothes because celebrities and influences are wearing something trends are moving faster than ever. Its better to follow longer term patterns and add to your wardrobe when you find something you love, instead of as trends come and go.

3 Invest in quality pieces

High quality products are more likely to wear well and be worn for longer. A high quality wool jumper will last far longer then a cheaper acrylic version. This means you can wear the item for longer, reducing the amount that need producing or end up in landfill.

Choosing hard wearing products is particularly important when buying something with man made fibres like waterproof coats. With the environmental impact of such man made products you should aim to wear them for as long as possible.

4 Choose natural products

Products made of organic cotton, bamboo and wool make less of an environmental impact than polyester and cotton farmed with chemicals. Its better for the environment and its better for you. With less chemicals against your skin there is a reduce risk of allergies. Check the fibre content of products before you buy them.

5 If you cant choose natural choose recycled (or recyclable)

When natural products aren’t an option, like with waterproof coats, choose products that are made of recycled materials or that can be recycled. This again lowers the environmental impact, and reduces the amount of man made fibres ending up in landfill or the sea.

6 Look after your clothes

Most labels give clear instructions on washing and caring for your clothes, following these instructions can help clothes last longer. Not washing clothes too often can also help, think about whether something actually needs washing before putting it in the basket. Drying them on a line doesn’t just save on electricity its also better for your clothes!

With natural fibres such as wool items can pill however this can be easily be solved with a pilling comb. High quality wool and cashmere products are most likely to only pill once as the fibres settle and then last years.

7 Wear each item a minimum of 30 times.

Experts suggest that we should wear each item we buy at least 30 times. This helps to offset the carbon emissions from its production, and results in less clothes being made. So when purchasing a new item ask yourself are you going to wear it at least 30 times.

8 when you do need to get rid of things, do it with care.

We do inevitably end up with things we need to get rid of. When this happens try to do it with as much care as possible. Pass on old baby items to a new mum. Offer your sister the jumper she loves but you never seem to wear. If you don’t know someone who could benefit from the items then pass them on to a charity shop. When clothes are passed being worn either up cycle them, such as using an old t-shirt as a cleaning cloth, or drop them off at the nearest textile and clothes recycling point.

9 Choose to buy from from brands who mirror your values and ethos.

Do a little research into what your buying, find out where it was made, who by and how it got to your local shop. Its not necessarily a bad thing to manufacture abroad as this can help job creation in developing countries but it should be done right. Brands should be transparent about where they manufacture the products, have a statement about there work against modern slavery and ensuring workers rights abroad.

If possible find out how the goods come to the UK, its far better for the environment if products are shipped rather than flown. most companies will occasionally fly products due to unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters, however they should not routinely scheduled products to be transported by air.

Where you can shop with local brands, there are many amazing brands who manufacture in the UK and especially Scotland. Where you can buy locally produced products.

Brands should also be looking at how they are affecting the environment. They will ideally have a sustainability statement and a commitment to using organic and natural fibres in there products. Alternatively they may choose to recycle plastics into products or carbon offset there manufacturing process.

Find brands who mirror your values and are working towards environmental sustainability and workers rights across the world. If you find your favourite brand falls short of your ethos try sending them an email. Nicely let them know you would continue to shop with them if they made changes to their supply chain. One email might not help but if everyone spoke up, and voted with their money, more brands would be forced to pay attention to survive.

10 Shop local

Our final point is close to our hearts, as an independent small business. Shop with local businesses. We support slow fashion and all the campaigns for people to think more about the impact of their clothing. We’ve done a lot of research into the brands we stock to provide great quality, sustainable clothes. We are always happy to answer our customers questions and share information on brands and products. We’ve already shared information on the benefits of Bamboo and are committed to sharing more about our ethos and values. So vote with your money. By spending locally you support your local economy, we cant survive with out you!

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to The Old Byre Showroom blog, I am Lorna Mansfield. I have created this blog for you to keep up to date with our new arrivals, latest fashion trends and useful information on aran wool and much more.

About The Old Byre Showroom

The Old Byre Showroom was established in 1967 by my parents John and Iris Mansfield who moved to the Isle of Arran in 1957. They came to Arran when they married from the town of Langholm in the borders of Scotland.

It was in Langholm that my great grandfather, Tom Paisley, ran the fellmongering business; separating the sheepskin from the wool. The business was later run by Stewart and Charlie Paisley, and it was John’s uncle Stewart who suggested that they bring some sheepskin rugs to Arran to sell. Not thinking that there would be a demand, John and Iris simply sold a few sheepskin rugs from the house – until things got out of hand! It got to the stage that the doorbell was going constantly and the decision was taken to make the old byre, a Scottish word for cowshed, into a shop.

I took over in 1997 when I returned to the island, my husband moved here when we were married in 2004. In 2012 we renovated the Old Byre as it was in a bad state of repair. Fast forward to today we now have a modern bright shop. We have also managed to retain the original gable and some of its character.

Up, up & away

Over the years, the business has grown to include a variety of handmade products such as sheepskin slippers, gloves and knitwear. When I took over the business in 1997, I decided to expand the business further to include brands like Barbour, Sealsalt and many more Scottish and Irish brands.

Take a look at our range of ladies, mens and childrens clothing & accessories, homeware and leather bags at the Old Byre Showroom online or visit our store.

An extra slice

When we renovated the Old Byre in 2012 my husband opened Cafe Thyme, a small cafe which caters for 30-40 people. He built a Turkish wood burning oven in the kitchen from which he produces homemade breads and pides (Turkish style pizzas/calzone) baked fresh to order. Try our Scottish haggis with a Turkish twist!

At Cafe Thyme our ethos being to serve freshly prepared food and that is why all of our food is made using homegrown or locally sourced produce from Scotland. We even have fresh salad which is grown on the premises. Take a look at our menu to see what tickles your taste buds.

Dietary requirements can be catered for, including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy free diets. If you have any dietary requirements please do not hesitate to ask.

Make a day of it!

Why not make a day of it and visit the Old Byre Showroom for a spot of shopping, once you’re done shopping treat yourself to a scrumptious lunch, cup of coffee, slice of cake or glass of wine whilst enjoying the amazing views of the Isle of Arran.

We haven’t forgotten about the kids. We have an outdoor children’s play area complete with a climbing wall, basketball, tennis, football, digger den, swings, trampoline, slide, fort, diggers, dumpers and a giant sand pit! So you can shop to your hearts content knowing that your children are having fun too and what more you can take a relaxing break the cafe before heading home.

Our opening times

The Old Byre Showroom and Cafe Thyme is open Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Monday 10am–5pm
Tuesday 10am–5pm
Wednesday 10am–5pm
Thursday 10am–5pm
Friday 10am–5pm
Saturday 10am–5pm
Sunday 10am–5pm

Lunch is served between 12 and 3pm.

Fathers Day Gift Idea’s

Are you stuck for what to buy your Dad for Fathers day? Do you need something extra special to say thank you this year? We have rounded up some of our top Fathers day gifts to make things easier for you. 

Socks With A Difference From Just £5.95

Upgrade the standard sock gift with  bamboo socks, we’ve got a range of patterns to suit different hobbies including gaming socks, rugby socks, football socks, gardening socks and cycling socks. We sell socks individually from £5.95 and boxes starting £23.95.  


Shop the whole range here.

We also have gift sets of Bamboo Socks and Briefs

For a round up of the best reasons to give your dad the gift of bamboo have a look at our ‘Why Choose Bamboo‘ post.

Wallets From £17.50

We have a range of leather wallets to suit your pocket and his. Some also feature RFID (radio frequency identification detector) blocking protection, which is the latest countermeasure to prevent contactless cards being ‘skimmed’ and cloned whilst in your pocket.

Shop wallets here.

Luxury Slippers From £37.95

Our slippers are all genuine sheepskin, with a style to suit everyone. Sheepskin natural regulates your feet’s temperature helping them stay warm, but not over heat like synthetic slippers.

We also stock Bedroom Athletics slippers which made from Harris tweed with an Australian sheepskin lining. They come in a range of tweeds including more bright patterns, for bold dads, and more muted tones for more reserved dads.

Shop the whole range here!

Sweaters From Just £59.95

Aran Woollen Mills Donegal Charcoal Fleck Sweater– £59.95

The Donegal Fleck Sweater has beautiful flecks of different colours running through the charcoal wool. It’s light weight, so perfect for spring and made of 80% Lambswool so is softer if your dad has sensitive skin.

Ireland’s Eye Half Zip Sweater- Navy Marl– £79.95

The Half Zip Sweater is always a best seller, in a flattering deep navy blue. This is the perfect jumper for Dads who love casual style. If blue isn’t your dads colour we do have a limited stock of zip necked sweaters in other colours here.

Scott Officer Plain Curled Neck Sweater in Lime– £79.95

This sweater is perfect for dads who are a bit more bold in there colour choices. In a fresh lime green this sweater has 10% silk mixed with 90% wool meaning its super warm and luxurious.

Aran Woollen Mills Curled Neck Sweaters- £84.95

The Curled Neck Sweater in green has been a really popular jumper and it’s now available in biscuit too! Its chunky knit and 100% pure new wool so its sure to keep your Dad warm.

Harley of Scotland Chunky Crew Sweater in Iron Rust– £89.95

This Sweater is a wonderful warm orange and its sure to keep your Dad warm too. With its rustic colour it looks great with jeans or trousers.

Shop the whole range of sweaters Here.

Extra Special Gifts

Visconti Foster Laptop Bag – £129.00

This laptop bag is perfect for busy dad’s on the go. It fit’s a laptop up to 13″ wide and has plenty of internal storage for paperwork and chargers.

Hand Knitted Aran Sweater- From £188.00

A Traditional Hand Knit Aran Jumper makes an amazing gift. We have 4 standard colours available but many more by special order! Order on line here or call 01770 840608

May Style Picks

May Bank Holiday is here and were looking forward to summer arriving. With holidays and days on the beach ahead we wanted to  do a round up of our range of trousers and what to wear them with.

Albert Quay Crops from Seasalt 

The Albert Crops from Seasalt are a summer wardrobe must have, made of 98% cotton these crops will keep you cool and stylish. White crops are a summer wardrobe staple, and these will be a hit for summer to come too.

Pair them with the Harper Tunic from White Stuff and the Vintage Small Bag in Light Blue for a loose fit but flattering summer look. Accessorise  with the Ceramic Bead Necklace from White Stuff for a finished look.

For windy days pair it with the Clonmore Chevron Sweater from Islands Eye,  perfect for days out on a boat. Grab the Nova Vintage Backpack in Chestnut  and brave the wind, this is Scotland after all.

Or you can show off your tan in the Cherry Tree Vest from White Stuff. This sleeveless top is perfect for summer holidays, with its bold colour and loose fit its flattering and easy to wear.  Team it with the Yoshi Marlow Shopper  in Navy for a french chic look.

Jade Jegging Capri – Yosemite green from White Stuff

The Jade Jeggins have had a stylish update for summer 19, in Yosemite green these are sure to keep you on trend. Made of 97% cotton these are comfortable and easy to wear.

The Seasalt Low Seas Sweater in Brenton Night Hedgerow has a casual effortless feel perfect for days out with the family. Pair it with the Nova Small Vintage Bag for an relaxed day out.

Pair them with the Papyrus top from White Stuff, made from lightweight viscose with a loose fit, this top is perfect for warmer days.

Or pair them with the Louvre Shirt from White Stuff. Featuring a fun bird pattern and made of 100% cotton we are sure this flattering shirt will be a summer hit.  Highlight the pink in the pattern with the Yoshi Davis Backpack in raspberry.

Bangalene Crops- Aqua from Orentique

The Bangalene Crops are perfect for summer, true to Orientique’s Austrailian roots  these crops are 100% natural and perfect for keeping cool in the summer

These look amazing with the White Stuff Tear Drops Tunic. This combination makes a bright outfit that is perfect for spring. Pair it with your favorite wedges for a fun look this summer.

The teal of the crops also pulls out the teal in the 30`s Ditsy Print Willow Tee from mistral to make give this classic top a modern edge. With its loose fit and 100% cotton jersey its perfect for warm summers days.

Bangalene Crops- Navy from Orentique

Orientique also make the Bangalene Crops in a more classic navy. The navy hue makes them super easy to wear and makes them perfect for your holiday wardrobe.

The Larissa shirt in Torn Campion Fireglow makes the perfect pairing for holiday style. With the Larissa shirt being a  ‘twist and dry’ crinkle shirt its perfect packing and holidays.

Pair them with a the Thought Auden Cardi in Poppy red (now on sale at only £39.99) and the Nova Small Vintage Bag in white for a relaxed look perfect for windy days at the seaside.

For a more playful look pair it with the Mistral Pretty Vintage Pin Tuck Top. With its cute sunglasses embroidery detailing this top has a quirky edge to it and gives a modern edge to the classic navy crops.

Brawn Point Crops in Mid Teal from Seasalt

These Seasalt crops are 100% linen, the loose fit and cool feel are perfect for summer.

Match them to the Seasalt Namparra Sweatshirt in Evening Tide and Light Squid for a super laid back vibe. The Namparra Sweatshirt is the perfect throw on layer and and since it’s 100% organic cotton it’s super soft too.

We love them with the White Stuff Rainbows End Jumper. The Rainbows End Jumper is 80% lambswool, making it soft and perfect as an extra layer on a chilly day. The loose fit and colourful, young style give it a really effortlessly chic look.

Or you can keep it simple with the Holland Vest from White Stuff which is100% cotton so perfect for summer. It features crochet detailing around the v-neckline, keeping it on trend. The slight gather at the neckline gives it a flattering shape. Add the White Stuff Ceramic Pebble Necklace to complete the look.

Polynesia Trousers from Thought

The Polynesia trousers from thought are 70% Bamboo, making them soft and breathable (read more about the benefits of Bamboo). These loose fit trousers are perfect for the warm weather and holidays.

Try them with the White Stuff Desert Tie Front Jumper in Grey Marl for a relaxed weekend look. Pair it with the Pepe Moll Shoulder Bag with Tassle in Navy to complete the look.

Go for a casual Bohemian vibe by pairing them with the cotton Holland Vest from White Stuff. The crochet detailing keeps the look fashionable while the loose fit adds to the boho vibe.

Or match it with the Mistral Marlborough Jersey Shirt in Dark Blue. The loose fit and rolled up sleeves keeps the relaxed feel of the trousers with the shirt detailing adding a bit of structure. Add the Yoshi Miller Cross Body Bag in Tan to complete the look.

Other Trousers

We’ve got the Basics covered too!

We have Jeggings and Leggings in sizes 8-18 great that will see you through the whole year.

Shop the whole range. 


Why Choose Bamboo

Here at the Old Byre we choose natural where ever we can. A lot of people are surprised when we say a product is made of bamboo so we’ve rounded up the best reasons to choose bamboo.


Bamboo was originally grown across Asia to produce  handmade papers. However, we are now able to make bamboo into a fibre which can be woven into a fabric. The resulting fabric is super soft and has a silk like quality with many benefits for us and the environment.

Bamboo and the Environment

Bamboo is considered by many to be the best product for the environment, from farming to disposal this fibre is Eco friendly. The bamboo crops don’t need pesticides or fertilisers to grow. This means there are less chemicals being used which is great in itself, but bamboo also takes in green house gases and produces 30% more oxygen per an acre than the same amount of trees.

Bamboo is super fast growing infact, according to the Guinness Book of World Records its the fastest. Bamboo grows at a rate of 4cm per an hour, which is 91cm a day. This allows it to be fully harvestable within 3-4 year and because bamboo is cut not uprooted its great for the soil and it rarely, if ever needs replanting. Bamboo is especially great as it can grow on slopes that aren’t viable for other crops.  Not to mention the fact it has a 10% greater yield per an acre than cotton. Most bamboo also grows well with only rain water, and very little additional water is ever required.

100% Bamboo Viscose is also biodegradable meaning your old clothes won’t end up in landfill. All of which is great news for the planet.

Bamboo and You


Our Bamboo Products

We have some great bamboo products for you to try so take a look or head over to our shop.

Doris and Dude

We have a great range of fun socks from Doris and Dude for both men and women, with more coming soon. Their socks are 40% bamboo, 40% organic cotton, 17% polyester, 3% elastane.

Shop Doris and Dude


Thought have a fantastic range of socks and clothes made from bamboo including socks, tights and trousers.

All the socks come in a range of patterns, single pairs, packs of three and boxed sets which can be perfect gifts. All made from 54% Bamboo, 22% Organic Cotton, 22% Recycled Polyester and 2% Elastane.

Thought Tights are made from 70% bamboo derived viscose, 26% polyester, 2% polyamide and 2% elastane.

They even do briefs and cami tops made from 67% bamboo, 28% organic cotton and 5% spandex jersey.

thought have also started to make tops and trousers from Bamboo. The Polynesia Trousers are 70% Bamboo and 30% Organic Cotton Jersey. In a loose fit with a unique print in blues these are perfect for warm summer days. Thought’s Bly Top in Sunflower is also 70% bamboo and  30% organic cotton, making it soft and breathable. The Dalian Top is 67% bamboo 28% organic cotton, 5% spandex jersey and perfect paired with the Polynesia Trousers.

Thought also have a great range of scarfs all made from 100% bamboo derived viscose. they are super soft and light weight, the breathable bamboo make them perfect to cover up on a warm sunny day! Shop the range.

Introducing Orientique


We are excited to announce a new brand has landed in the Old Byre Showroom, straight from Australia. Orientique describe themselves as ‘a fashion label synonymous with exclusive artistic prints, beautiful natural fabrics and good quality.’

Who are they?

Orientique Logo

Orientique’s head quarters, based in Brisbane, were established 40 years ago. They pride themselves on their ranges distinctive look and the fact their clothes are shaped with women over 35 in mind. Their Design Team  work closely with artisans throughout Europe creating a unique mix of prints for each collection.

Specialising in natural fabrics, Orientique have a ‘plant to garment’ philosophy. They work with some of the worlds finest mills carefully selecting all the cotton, linen and rayon to be woven specifically for their products. All the Natural Garments proudly display their ‘Orientique Naturally Australian’ tag.

As an organisation they only work with factories who ensure fair wages and good working conditions. Orientique pride themselves on working closely with everyone in the production team and visiting all their factories once a month .

The Old Byre are really pleased to be working with another ethical company who put natural products top of their agenda. We hope you love the Spring Summer range as much as we do.

The Orientique Range

Reversible beach dress

Orientique Reversible Beach Dress


The Reversible Beach Dress has already been really popular and is our new favourite  holiday essential.  Featuring a bold blue pattern on one side and a yellow and green pattern on the other, this dress is truly 2 in 1. Made of 100% cotton, this crinkle dress is soft and breathable. The loose fitting style and v neckline make is easy to wear and super flattering. Its also a ‘Twist and Dry’ dress which makes it perfect to pack, just twist it up and go.

Kurta Tunic

Orientique Kurta Tunic

Made from 100% natural Rayon this is a really versatile piece from Orientique.  Its features a bold  pattern, pom-pom detailing around the sleeves and hem, a tassel tie at in the notched neckline, as well as beading and embroidery detail. This tunic can easily go from day to night, and would pair perfectly with the SeaSalt Albert Crops or the Mistral Shake Your Leg Leggings.


Bangalene CROPS- Navy

Orientique Bangalene Crops- Navy

In a classic navy and a deep elasticated waist these are easy to wear and with a wide range of pairing options they will quickly become your go to Crops. Our top Pairing include the Holland Vest from White Stuff , the Thought Erika sweater in poppy red , or the SeaSalt Garden Gate top in Rose Garden mix.


Bangalene CROPS- Aqua

Orientique Bangalene Crops- Aqua

The Bangalene Crops in Aqua are a great way to inject some colour into your wardrobe. In a fashionable Aqua colour they are super versatile. We love them with the Harper Tunic from White Stuff or the Holland Vest in White from White Stuff.


linen pocket dress- Navy

Orientique Linen Pocket Dress- Navy

The Linen Pocket Dress is another wardrobe essential. Made of natural rayon and linen, its perfect for warmer weather. Its flared fit which makes it really comfortable if its hot and flattering to a variety of shapes.


essentials Broderie dress- navy

Orientique Essential Broderie Dress- Navy

The Broderie Dress in navy is a great way to dip a toe in the Broderie Anglais trend. The navy colour keeps things chic and classic. Pair it the SeaSalt Everyday Scarf in Polka Dot Marine and add a slick of red lipstick for true Parisian style. Or add the White Stuff Stripe Wood Circle Necklace and big sunglasses for a more laid back look.


Essentials Broderie dress – Aqua

Orientique Essential Broderie Dress- Aqua

If your feeling a little bolder, the Essentials Broderie dress also comes in Aqua. It pairs perfectly with the White Stuff Shell Flower Necklace in Spring Pink and the Nova Small Vintage Handbag in White.


You can Shop the whole range here!

Easter Style Picks

Easter is fast approaching and spring is in the air! We’ve rounded up some of our favourites from the spring range that are perfect for your Easter plans. Whether your looking to re energise your wardrobe for spring or just find the  perfect outfit for your holiday plans we have the perfect look for you.

Good Friday Drinks

Whistler Tunic from White Stuff

In a striking kiwi green colour the Whistler Tunic from White Stuff will always steal the show and because citrus green is a key colour pallet this Spring/Summer it’s the perfect statement piece for your wardrobe. With it’s bright colour and flattering shape this tunic is perfect to wear with leggings and boots for a relaxed drink with friends. Add the Yoshi Ludlow hand bag in black to finish the look. Shop:    Tunic          Leggings            Bag
FLower Study Dress from Thought
The Thought Flower Study Dress in kingfisher is an eye catching teal. With the beautiful contrasting from the orange in the floral pattern this dress needs no accessories so just grab a black clutch bag and go. You can wear it with or without tights, and make a fashionable statement whether you’re going on a date night or first date. Shop: Dress     Tights      Bag  

Relaxed Saturday

Eastside jumper with leggins

The White Stuff Eastside Jumper is perfect for relaxed spring days since its made of a Merino wool and Cotton. Its loose fitting and super comfortable so it’s perfect for a relaxing day whether you meeting the girls for lunch or going shopping. Pair it with the Mistral Shake Your Leg Leggings in Eclipse, Nova Vintage Backpack in Chestnut and big sunglasses for the perfect effortless look. Shop:   Jumper           Leggings        Bag

Larissa Shirts from SeaSalt white crops

We now have the ever popular Larissa Shirt from Seasalt in two new colourways for spring. They are Semi fitted style and soft cotton so they are easy to wear and perfect for a relaxed day out with the kids. The colourful spring prints are perfect with the Albert Quay Crops in White from Seasalt for a cool laid back look. Shop: Larissa Shirts     Crops

Dinner on Easter Sunday

Be My Favourite Sweater from the White Stuff

We love this relaxed sweater it’s soft and comfortable so it’s perfect for a casual family dinner. The colourful embroidery detail lifts the muted teal sweater and with the tiny flowers and bees this piece is perfect for spring. Pair it with your favourite jeans, a messy bun and Yoshi’s Davis Backpack in Raspberry for a relaxed and effortlessly chic look. Shop:   Sweater     Bag   

Cast a Shadow Dress from Sea Salt

If you’re going for a more dressed up look go no further than the Cast a Shadow dress from Seasalt. Super easy to wear, with its scooped neckline, loose fit and super soft fabric we know it will quickly become your go to dress. Pair it with Nude tights, the Yoshi Marlow shopper in Navy and your favourite red lipstick for classic french style. Though, if your not ready to part with your knitwear you can always add the Irelands Eye Charlemont Cardigan. Shop:     Dress    Cardi    Bag

Easter Monday with the Family

Teardrop tunic from White Stuff

In teals and pinks the Teardrop Tunic shouts spring and it’s loose fit and v-neckline make it easy to wear. Its perfect layered with the Nice Cuppa Cardi in Hydro, from Mistral, and the indigo Jeggins, from SeaSalt. For the complete spring look finish with the White Stuff Shell Flower Necklace in Spring Pink. Shop:    Tunic    Cardi      Jeggins    Necklace

Mistral Pretty Vintage Pin Tuck Top

This quirky fun top features embroidered Sunglasses in a range of bright colours perfect for spring. The lime green detailing goes perfectly with Mistral’s Tea for Two Cardi in Antique Moss. This outfit would be great to inject a little fun into your holiday weekend. Shop:  Top     Cardi