Handknitted Arans for Men

At Old Byre Showroom we have our own label Arans available for men. In keeping with traditional style, our Arans have been knitted by hand to time-honoured patterns. Using undyed Aran weight wool, our cardigans and sweaters are knitted inch by inch right here in Scotland. The designs feature traditional patterns associated with the original fishing communities in which they historically were made. Our handknitted Arans for men could be considered unisex, as the Aran is not tailored for a specific gender. This means that all of our handknitted Arans are the incredibly cosy garments.

Choose Your Style of Men's Handknitted Aran

Not only do you have the choice of choosing handknitted Arans for men in a variety of patterns but also in a number of different natural colours. At Old Byre Showroom our traditional undyed Aran wool comes in five different colours, the natural shade of Ecru, limestone, pebble, gritstone or natural black. These colours roughly translate to light natural, light grey, mid grey, charcoal and dark brown. Each of our hand knitted Arans for men is named in such a way as to clearly indicate which hue of Aran wool it has been made using.

Choose Your Size

At Old Brye Showroom our handknitted Arans for men are available in a range of sizes that start at a 34" chest and go up to a 50" chest. We're likely to have a men's hand knitted Aran that's a perfect fit for you which will last for years to come. If you have a special requirement it's likely that we are able to accommodate that for you, just get in contact.

Special Order Handknitted Arans for Men

Occasionally we receive special orders from customers who have different requirements than those covered by the handknitted Arans that we have immediately in stock. To make a special order all you need to do is get in contact with us on 01770 840 227. We are open 7 days a week between 10am & 5pm.

If you have a special order to place we will require the following:

  • - choice of colour
  • - your chest measurement
  • - length from neck to hem
  • - length of sleeve from underarm to cuff
  • - A 50% deposit payable at time of order

Like most knitwear, our Men's handknitted Arans are only to be handwashed or dry cleaned. This is due to the natural fibres used to knit the Arans, ensuring that the structural integrity of the garment is preserved and that you get the most from your purchase. We hope that you love these handknitted Arans for men as much as we do and remember, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for in our stock online then please get in contact.

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Handknitted Aran sweaters and cardigans.

Our own label traditional unisex Aran sweater, Aran jumper and Aran cardigan ranges are hand-knitted especially for us using using time-honoured aran knitting patterns. They are all knitted in Scotland using undyed wool. The intricate patterns are used to make traditional fishermens sweaters using symbols of the ropes, cables and nets used for fishing in days gone by. Each unique garment is hand crafted using 100% pure undyed aran weight wool in one of five natural colours, ecru (natural), limestone (light grey), pebble (mid grey), gritstone (charcoal) and natural black (dark brown).

Our Aran sweater, Aran jumper and Aran cardigan range are hand knitted in traditional Aran patterns in sizes 34" chest to 50" chest. In addition to the extensive selection of Aran sweaters and cardigans we have in stock, we are able to organise special orders for the Aran handknits if you would prefer. We would need your choice of colour, your chest measurement, length from neck to hem and length of sleeve from underarm to cuff. For any special order made we would also require a 50% deposit payable at time of order.

For special orders or for any queries please contact us on 01770 840227 any day 10am - 5pm and we will be happy to help.

In addition we also stock a contemporary range of machine made Aran Cardigans and Aran jumpers. These stunning Arans offer exceptional value for money as well as keeping you cosy this winter, and are 100% British wool.

All our Aran sweaters and cardigans can be handwashed or dry cleaned.