EPoS Sage Line 50 Integration from Intelligent Retail

Complete end-to-end retail systems for Independent Retailers

Let's face it... when SAGE Line 50 accounts was first introduced, this innovative piece of software answered the prayers for many small to medium sized independent retailers. The ability to finalise accounts in a format an accountant could read not only saved massive amounts of manual hours spent collating sales and accounting data, it also meant that less money was paid out in accounting fees - a real result for any retailer!

Integrating Sage Accounts with EPoS

If you're used to using Sage Line 50 accounts for your business, you'll be really glad to hear that there is a retail EPoS system which has been fully integrated with Sage Line 50 accounts - the Intelligent Retail Connect Electronic Point of Sale system. This World leading EPoS system is built around an integrated stock control system, meaning that all product data is entered once. This means that you can drag and drop products to wherever you want to sell them, whether it's Ebay, Amazon or any one of multiple eCommerce websites (the system supports Magento as well as multiple Intelligent Retail Connect websites natively, however ANY eCommerce website can be integrated with a web service link!). Once a product has been sold, all sales come back to the shop till, so all of your web orders are ready for pick, pack and dispatch just like sales made through the shop till - a fantastic time saver for any busy retailer!

This integration takes one step further with the introduction of the Intelligent Retail Sage module - this allows full integration with Sage Line 50 accounts, which means with a few clicks of the mouse you can prepare your end of period accounts ready in an easily readable format for your accountant - a fantastic time saver as well as taking all of the stress out of preparing this important legal information.

Supply Chain Integration with EPoS

The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system takes things even further - the system can be integrated with your supply chain and has been integrated with leading suppliers in many industries, so you get a one-stop solution for your complete end-to-end supply and retail chain. The Connect EPoS system also can be supplied with the patented 'black box' system for some retailers - a way to automatically pull down product descriptions, titles and images directly from your supplier and related websites, so you don't have to spend large amounts of time putting this information into your new Connect till system - simply scan the barcode and all of the details are filled in for you!

Give Intelligent Retail a call

If you would like a demonstration of the capabilities of the Connect EPoS system and eCommerce websites, give Intelligent Retail a call on 0845 6800 127 or email Alternatively, go to the website and ask for a callback from one of Intelligent Retail's friendly staff... you'll be glad you did!